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Our Company

Jakist Textile is a Turkish company specialized in exporting of head scarves.

We provide high quality hijab with various sizes. We are especially strong in big size scarves like 120 x 120 cm or 140 x 140 cm which are in high demand in export markets.

We work with high class manufacturers and premium brands in Turkey.

PT Jakist Tekstil Indonesia

Our Indonesian company PT Jakist Tekstil Indonesia is a leading importer of Turkish hijab for the Indonesian market. We provide a wide variety of hijab from our location in Jakarta. We regularly import the newest collections with elegant designs and provide fast delivery from our ready stocks.

Jakist Textile is the official distributor of Miss Color and Wafa brands in Indonesia.

We provide high quality scarves with elegant designs.

We serve the customers all over the world.


Doing our business in a professional way is our priority.


Quality of design. Quality of material. Quality of weaving and sewing. Quality of labels and packaging.


We do our business globally and serve customers around the world.


A good supplier is key to business growth. Let us help you to make your business grow.


We add value to our customers by keeping them updated with newest products.

Customer Satisfaction

We want our customers to be pleased with all the products and all the business processes. Giving information, ordering, delivery, feedback.

Premium Brands

We provide the latest products from premium brands.

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